Taghia Morocco 2008

We climbed a new route in Taghia in September 2008. The members of the trip were all students of Imperial College London: Luke Bennett, Juha Kauppila, Kunal Masania, Virgil Scott, Hal Watts. Route was climbed ground up in big wall style with E3/A3+. After this the face climbing route was equipped with bolts. The sport grade of the route is 7a 620m.

Download our topo here: topo.pdf

Pictures of new route potential near our line:

Unclimbed face: D02.tiff (9MB)
Unclimbed arete: D34.JPG (2MB)
Unclimbed gorge wall: D22.JPG (2MB)

The team would like to thank; the Imperial College Exploration Board, Sir Richard Sykes, Hilti, Lyon Equipment, First Ascent, and the University of London Dunsheath Expedition Award - for making the trip possible.

Contact: juha.kauppila04{AT}imperial.ac.uk
NB. Previous expedition website to Bolivia can be found here.